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1. Put Authenta into Action

TrustiPhi slide deck: Introduction to Triathlon, the IOT cloud platform for deployment and management of security capabilities in Micron Authenta. If you are not already familiar with Authenta – and its security integrated with flash memory concept – it will be helpful for you to first look at downloads 2 and 3 below. 

2. Address Insecurity of the IoT with a Drop-In Solution for Today

A very quick, basic slide deck introduction [by TrustiPhi] to Micron Authenta and how, in combination with the Triathlon security management platform from TrustiPhi, it offers a low-cost, near-term drop-in solution for adding hardware-level security to connected devices. 

3. Embed Authenta – Manage it with Triathlon

The Why, How, and When (spoiler alert: the recommendation is “now or soon”) of embedding hardware-level security in your endpoint products by TrustiPhi, based on our deep expertise in both Authenta and alternatives such as TPMs. This is a detailed solution brief in Q&A form covering the essential business and technical decisions that put your products on the path to Authenta – and the opportunities it opens up for you.


Designed for simple management of fleets of Authenta-based devices

Triathlon gives unmatched visibility and control of Authenta’s security features

4. Try Authenta

Authenta-to-Go trial workbench kit with preview of Triathlon
Contact us regarding the Authenta-to-Go kit. You’ll be able to get hands-on experience testing Authenta’s security capabilities with an Authenta processor and the pre-release version of Triathlon.

5. Learn More: Compare Authenta to Other Hardware Security Solutions

TrustiPhi is expert in both Trusted Platform Modules and Authenta. For a direct comparison of the two technologies for the IoT, visit: www.trustiphi.com/blog/

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