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TPM or Authenta for the IoT: Which is a Better Fit?

by Ari Singer, CTO and Ives Brant, Director of Marketing                           April 30, 2020

This article summarizes the strengths of Micron AuthentaTM versus trusted platform modules (TPM) for applications in IoT endpoint products. Coauthor Ari Singer, CTO of TrustiPhi, is one of the leading authorities on both technologies.

Micron has integrated security technology into a flash memory chip, creating a two-in-one device that offers capabilities for attestation, secure boot, and other differentiating security capabilities, with no additional chips or changes to circuit boards. Get a clear picture of why Authenta has the potential to displace TPM as the hardware security technology of choice for IoT endpoint products, based on cost, ease of integration/design, ease of deployment, and security features. Learn about manufacturing advantages, and the “trust gain” that Authenta facilitates for IoT endpoint products.

Article covers…

TPMs (trusted platform modules) were the first broadly adopted commercial technology specifically designed to answer a fundamental question of trusted computing, “Is this device compromised?” It’s a critical point, given that nation-states and [very] organized crime will focus intensely on compromising IoT (Internet of Things) endpoints, from security cameras to control (SCADA and/or DER) systems and smart meters for the energy sector, not to mention the ubiquitous video doorbells.

  • Authenta flash memory: attestation and secure boot
  • Threats that Authenta Addresses
  • Are we saying that TPM’s day is over?
  • Why is Authenta better for Internet of Things endpoints?
  • A big plus: Authenta fits into a standard flash memory socket
  • Authenta co-locates the security mechanisms with the data assets in one chip
  • Architecting a TPM-based security architecture is not for beginners
  • What’s the problem in using TPM for billions of IoT devices, if it worked well in PCs
  • Authenta may enable valuable differentiating security features
  • Our five-year outlook for TPMs and Authenta

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